We are the new type of people Who share Universal Human Identity

We are human above anything else.

Who we are

We are a group of people who have Human Identity.

Being a human is our most important identity.

Universal Human is the people who have Human Identity.

We create love, peace, and unity beyond religion, gender, ethnicity, and nations.

What We Believe

Human Identity

When we think and feel like a human, we can think and perceive things in a similar way. This is the basis of common understanding and cooperation for humanity as a whole.

Diverse identities

We also keep diverse and traditional identities. We can be Christian, woman, Conservative, Asian, LGBT, etc. It is perfectly acceptable to have traditional identities.

What we aspire

Spreading the Idea

There are not many Universal Human yet. To make our dreams come true, we have to recruit more of us. We talk about Universal Human to our family and friends. The more Universal Identity means the better world.

Global Peace

Feeling closer to an enemy is the best way for conflict management. Human Identity does just that. It makes you feel closer to everybody on this planet, including your adversities. This is the best and only potential weapon to beat dispute and conflict genuinely.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is not working mainly because humanity lacks a sense of unity. Yet, we share the same identity. Universal Human in contaminating countries cares more about people who pay the cost of the environmental damage.


Racism starts with segregating people socially or psychologically. Universal Human has Universal Identity that covers the entire humanity, so race is meaningless for us. We do not segregate or discriminate, directly or indirectly, against anyone regardless of their race.

Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)

Humanity lacks a global mechanism to contain the spread of nuclear weapons. This is because the world does not cooperate to punish a country that bleaches NPT. Universal Human of the world influences the people to cooperate with NPT.

Federal Government of the Earth

This is our long-term vision yet final objective. We want to have our own government. It can have only restricted authority over limited matters, but humanity needs a global government that solves problems with an international scope, such as global peace and taxation.

Why Identity

Identity influences our thought and behavior

Identity influences our thought and behavior

Just looking at the same facts, the white and the black people in America would make different opinions. Many conflicts in the world are fought between ethnic groups divided by identity even though they may be culturally close to each other. Identity is the key to understand human behavior.

Identity divides us

Identity divides us from other groups

All humans are divided by identities in some way or the other. Even though we are all human, we feel alienated or even threatened by the people who belong to other ethnic groups.

Identity can unite us within the same group

Identity can unite us within the same group

Identity divides us but also unites us. The bond among the people who share the same identity is strong and is the foundation of a society. Many people often sacrifice their wealth or even lives for the greater good of the same people.

Universal Identity can unite all humanity

Only Universal Identity can unite all humanity

Identity as a human is universal. It can unite us because it covers only and all humanity. When a sufficient number of human shares this identity, we create a new movement in the world. This will be a game-changer in the future of humanity.

Historical perspective

Throughout history, humans created a new identity and erased the old one. Identity as American hardly existed before the American Revolution. When Ottoman Empire collapsed, the Ottoman identity disappeared. As a country or an empire created or ceased to exist, so did its identity.

We believe that Human Identity will emerge as one of the most common identities in the world.

Identity is not fixed or static. It is dynamic and evolves all the time in history.


Everything you need to know before you get started

Should we give up other identities to be Universal Human?

No. You can, or even are encouraged to, keep traditional identities.

What is the Community of Universal Human?

Community of Universal Human is an online platform where Universal Human talks and exchanges ideas. You might also find like-minded people who have similar opinions and interests to your own. It is a Facebook of Universal Human.

Are we obligated to commit evangelism activities?

You are not obligated to anything in our community. You even do not have to agree with any objectives we aspire to achieve. Having Human Identity is the only requirement to join our community, and the rest is up to your choice.

We do not need another bureaucracy of the Federal Government of the Earth, do we?

We believe that the human should have the Federal Government of the Earth, but with two notes. One is that the authority of FGE should be limited. FGE should deal with only international problems such as Environmental Protection, Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and Global Security. All other issues should be left to national or even local governments. Secondly, we understand that it will take some time to create FGE. It is not something we will achieve within a year or two but something we would develop little by little over a decade. In short, FGE will have limited authority in our daily life for decades to come.

It is wired to have a new identity, isn't it?

Since childhood, a person develops his/her identity, and it is rare to change or acquire a new identity. So, some people might feel it wired to have Human Identity. Yet, please keep in mind that having Human Identity is not to give up local or traditional identity. If you are a French citizen or Muslim in India, you can keep that identity, which would be respected. Having a new identity is extra to who you already are.

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